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This Much

This Much (or An Act of Violence Towards the Institution of Marriage)

ZOO, Edinburgh Fringe Festival
7th-31st August 2015

Writer: John Fitzpatrick
Director & Co-dramaturge: Kate Sagovsky
Set: Alex Berry
Costume: Alex Berry
Lighting: Matt Leventhall
Sound: Dom Kennedy

"Kate Sagovsky's production has an appealingly strong sense of
itself. The production standards are particularly high, with a
versatile set designed by Alex Berry, which uptight Anthony
is forever hoovering and cleaning, mopping up messes.
Nudity is very much a part of its aesthetic too.
There's a lot of penis in this play."

- The Stage

"John Fitzpatrick's play is a smacker in both senses of the word.
Raw, uncompromising and very beautiful, it's also hilarious -
the kind of skilful play that sneaks in unannounced to the
Fringe, leaving vapour trails of brilliance in its wake."

- The List