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Dead On Her Feet

Dead On Her Feet

The North Wall Arts Centre              Arcola Theatre
6th-15th September 2012               3rd October-3rd November 2012

Director: Barry Kyle
Set: Alex Berry
Costume: Genevieve Beller
Lighting: Eric Voecks


"The production's use of space is both creative and imaginative.  
The minute we step into the theatre, we see piles of black garbage bags
form an imposing tower in the centre of the stage and brooms and bags of trash
scattered on the left and right.  And when the play gradually moves into scenes
that take place in a dance hall, the stage is physically transformed in an
equally creative manner. All of this, coupled with vintage props and
furniture items infuses the theatre with the feel of a bygone era."

- Suwita Hani Randhawa, Oxford Theatre Review

Photographs © Simon Anand