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Song of Riots

Song of Riots

The North Wall Arts Centre                    Battersea Arts Centre                    Stockholm Fringe Festival
February 2015                                            October 2015                                    2015 - Winner, Audience Choice Award

"Song of Riots is a beautifully realised presentation of youthful naivety and
frustration. The direction from Christopher Sivertsen and Lucy Maycock is
strong, backed by interesting set design from Alex Berry. The stage is a white,
flat square with three panels of silk at the back, allowing projections to beam
upon their sturdy, opaque skin, whilst allowing outlines of bodies behind to
remain seen. The projection artist, Matt Smith, creates beautiful scenes of
forests, urban construction and endless water, whilst the stage in front is
left clear, facilitating bountiful physical activity. Behind the vertical fabric
screens lies a scaffold that actors vault up during the performance. At
times a jungle gym, at times a container, it's a brilliant way of allowing
clean, urban movement. In one dizzying moment, Finnegan climbs
right to the top of the scaffold and sits with his feet dangling off."

- A Younger Theatre

Writer: Lucy Maycock
Directors: Christopher Sivertsen & Lucy Maycock
Set: Alex Berry
Costume: Alex Berry
Lighting: Maria Klochkova
Original Music: Maria Sendow & Hannah Björck
Video Designer: Matt Smith, VideoFeet



Photographs 1-3 © Ashley Good
Photographs 4-10 © Siv Sivertsen