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O Réjane

O Réjane

Bootleg Theatre, Los Angeles                                   Nominee: Best Costume
14th November-7th December 2014                    Stage Raw Awards

Writer: Ilana Turner
Director: Christopher Sivertsen
Set: Alex Berry
Costume: Alex Berry
Lighting: Brandon Baruch
Original Music: Adrien Reju & Sébastien Miel


"The audience was privy to every costume change of every character with
wardrobe rolling racks out in the open, and, indeed, no performer ever left the
stage!  The clever rolling set pieces became dressing rooms, stage backdrops,
birthing rooms, train cars - you name it - the actors were perpetually under our
gaze, creating new dramas that flowed in and out, often punctuated by
Réjane's fitful bursts of physical expression."

- Paula Tiberius

Photographs © Alex Berry